Prices vary considerable, depending on facilities. Costs are highly correlated with the value and age of the boat, and average use. Unbeatable Prices. VAT on yachts can add a hefty amount to the price tag. After that, you’ll be saving money on water, electricity, and mortgage or rent. This will cost approximately 10 Euro per night to be paid at each town locally. A lso on the south coast at Limassol Marina, with its 1,000 berths, is a 66ft yacht mooring, which costs €22,500 per annum. These 7-day / 6-night packages offer all the excitement and freedom of a private yacht charter plus the fun of meeting new friends – all at a fraction of the cost of a full Crewed yacht. The Marina is fully organised, offering facilities and services of high standards. Crewed yacht holidays: This is the beauty of the private Crewed yacht experience. ATHENS. Yacht Management Gouvia Marina HomeIonian Sea and Peloponnesus Gouvia Marina Gouvia Marina the first privately owned marina in Greece, is situated at the island of Corfu, about 6 kilometres from the town of Corfu and 7 kilometres from the International Airport. The cost of living on a yacht will also significantly decrease your cost of life in other, indirect ways too. The capital of history and entertainment. Athens Marina is located only 9 km from the center of Athens, the capital of Greece and historic capital of Europe. It is also very useful to have a typed sheet containing the name of the boat, port of registry, and the crew list. Greece yacht charters can include open-water passages or cruises in calm gulfs and bays, and always the chance to explore fascinating ancient ruins. Fortunately, it’s a fixed cost from year to year, and that makes it easy to plan for. The Cost of Living: The highest cost of living on a yacht is the mooring and the maintenance. Greece charges a fee for mooring in certain ports. Yacht charter Greece. Learn More. ATHENS . Find a marina or specific port. Greece does levy mooring fees in some harbors, and these are not included in the price of the charter. Decide where you’d like to be based, get a quote, and do the math. With thousands of picturesque islands Greece has the largest coastline of Europe and offers a rich diversity of stunning landscapes to explore. It includes a range of services available to its customers. Yachts must carry their original registration document, insurance policy and ship’s radio license. The role of Port and Refuelling Costs in Yachting development in Greece. VAT when buying a used boat. Hi, we're thinking of moving from the uk to southern greece, buying a small not too expensive yacht around 35 ft and living aboard. Sail and Power courses are available for beginners and veteran sailors alike. DESTINATIONS. If you’re looking for affordable yacht holidays, the type of yacht you choose can determine how much you’ll pay. Few experiences conjure up the notion of ‘la dolce vita’ like chartering a yacht in Italy. We own yachts we charter in the best Greek islands and thus we can offer the most competitive yacht charter prices in the market. Greece: There are very few organized marinas for charter yachts in Greece, instead you pay nominal fees to Med moor in municipal town harbours. Berths. But the good news is that many of these elements are things that you can work to your advantage! Marina prices are considerably higher, depending on the size of your yacht. Fuel can cost around £130 (€150), but in some cases it’s included in the price of a yacht charter in Greece. Boat type . VAT Rates in the EU. Greece is one of the most famous yacht charter destinations worldwide. Unless you charter a bareboat, you should also compare the flotilla or skipper costs. Almost 2,000 wonderful islands and 10,000 miles of stunning coast to explore. The CA has been trying to clear up confusion over the replacement DEPKA – the document all boat owners must have stamped annually and carry with all ship’s papers. . It includes cost estimates for major yearly maintenance events like winterization ( ) and spring prep ( ), but, in general the bulk of the costs are in the "Other maintenance" section ( ). COVID-19 coronavirus: New procedures are in place for arriving yachts – see Biosecurity for details. Located at Faliro Bay, the seafront of Athens, just 7km away from the city’s centre and 40km from the international airport, Athens Marina is the ideal home port to explore more than 3.000 Greek islands. In t... Lefkas Marina Lefkas Marina is located in Lefkada, Ionian Islands, Greece. This includes an estimation of all other maintenance costs for your boat based on statistics from other boat owners. Mooring is going to cost you plenty. Moorings are one of the most easily quantifiable costs, although you may need to do some legwork if you’re looking for a budget priced option instead of a glossy full-service marina. How much does it cost to charter a yacht in Greece? 99% of Greek professional yachts are Greek-flagged. France annual fees are between $50 - $450/ft per year, averaging at $4,500 for a 32' yacht. However, if you hire a boat in Greece via a boat rental platform you can save up to 40% of what you would normally pay to a yacht charter company. The price of a yacht charter in Greece varies depending on a number of factors, including the type of yacht, the age of the yacht, and the month in which you choose to charter. But don’t forget to include off-season hauling and storage costs, if you live in an area where boats come out of the water during the winter months. Weather permitting; the itinerary can be changed at any time if you wish to spend more or less time in any area. It’s simple to see why so many people choose a yacht charter in Greece; it’s sheer diversity split into distinct clusters of breath taking islands across the Aegean and Ionian Seas. Sounds idylic, but would like any info as to what pitfalls there are. Important pre-arrival information: Greek Cruising Tax (TEPAI) should be registered for and paid online, in advance of your arrival in Greece. When you board your yacht, the captain will sit down with you and develop an itinerary based on your desires – or you can leave it all up to your experienced captain. Navigation is straightforward. Rental mooring . Berth rental prices are also subject to annual increases and for example, a 15 metre berth for rent in say Marina de La Duquesa, or Estepona would cost circa 10,000 euros per annum. sometimes lazing about on a mooring and sometimes cruising the islands. Vics recent thread about port fees in Greece has prompted me to start putting together a simple list of marina costs for Turkey, Cyprus and Greece. In case you will find a better price on a similar yacht and equipment, you can get the same price from us. If the boat is flagged in another country then the rules of that country will apply and you need advice from a qualified broker. Mooring: 400 laid moorings with water and electricity for yachts up to 60 m, minimum depth of 3 m Haul Out Facilities: unknown Hard Standing: Unknown Prices: Moderately high Services: Electricity and water at the berths Markets in the village Most hardware supplies which would be needed are in the village Some yacht supplies available at chandlery In Puerto Banus, the same size berth could cost upwards of 30,000 euros each year. It’s all a matter of preference when chartering in Greece. If you’re not resident in an EU country, you can temporarily import the vessel without paying VAT, for instance to cruise in the EU, for a period of usually up to 18 months. The marina has a mooring capacity of 130 yachts, including 10 berths for yachts from 50m up to 100m in length and a unique private alongside berth for a yacht up to 130m length. We own yachts we charter and thus we can offer the most competitive prices in the market. 6 Factors that affect your yacht charter cost. The Mediterranean can be a lot more expensive because of how popular it is. Book your mooring in Ionian Islands the best price. Croatia: There are many more organized marinas and anchorages charging a per night fee. Athens Marina is designed to cater to the mooring needs of mega & super yachts. This was in order to weigh up our winter berthing options and I thought it might be of interest to others. One member of the crew must have a radio operator’s certificate of competence. In Tínos (Greece), you will find this marina. Mooring is free stern-to on the west town quay (yellow line on map) and the more northerly section in front of the cafés does have water & electricity columns. A Corfu yacht charter holiday presents the northern and southern Ionian Islands, some of the most famous in Greece, such as fabled Ithaca known for its fearless ruler, Odysseus (Ulysses), hero of the Trojan War and Homer’s epic poem the Odyssey. Available Marina berth, moorings for boats and yachts, whether hardstand for winter or berth in the water or in the shipyard. It is possible either to buy a mooring outright, or to lease one. New regulations affecting all boat users in Greece have finally been put into place – and all must comply by September of this year or risk being fined, reports the Cruising Association (CA).. It can, however, get very noisy in the evenings on this part of the quay, so if wanting a quieter night choose a spot in the southern half or head to the marina. See Formalities for all the details. Besides the yachts that we own and charter directly in Greece, we also have an extended “SeaScape family” – other yachts & crews / owners who share our same attitude and ambiance with their guests. Athens. Athens Marina is designed to cater to the mooring needs of mega & super yachts. We aim to provide you with the education and confidence to captain your own yacht while on charter. Sailors have always been attracted to the Greek Archipelago due to it’s typically Mediterranean climate, with warm and dry summers, constantly fair winds and mild winters. If you are not a Greek citizen or an EU citizen resident in Greece you will need to change flag if … GREEK FLAG. Greece is well catered to provide for foreign boat owners, although there’s only a handful of full-service marinas and owners tend to need to be more self-sufficient than elsewhere. Italy. Our Yachts in Greece. It can be uncomfortable here in easterlies or southerlies. For EU boats, proof of VAT status is also required. Private Charter Flights. Known for their beauty and historic significance, the lovely Ionian Islands off Greece’s northwestern shores are among the most attractive in the Mediterranean. Most overnight stops in this area will be ‘stern to’ Mediterranean mooring on town quays. There are a number of things that come into play with yacht charter prices. Greece annual fees are between $75 - $175/ft per year; Croatia annual fees are between $160 - $350/ft per year; Italy annual fees are between $100 - $440/ft per year, averaging at $4,500 for a 32' yacht. Most of the overnight stopovers are at the docks of public ports, with mooring in a Mediterranean type point (front on anchor or dead body, backside at dock). Visit Athens. Inquire availability berths, mooring, hardstand, winter … we're normal people but will have some income from a pension etc. The average price (if it is required and this is rare) is about 2 to 10 €. There are plenty of sheltered harbours with friendly tavernas, but frequently no other facilities for visiting yachts. The good news is that mooring in Greece is extremely cheap (or even free in some town quays) compared to other popular destinations in the Med, such as Croatia. Motor yacht charter. Costs range from anchoring fees at Euro 25 per night to ACI Marinas charging Euro 100 per night.

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